Slow Combustion Wood Burning Stove


Affordable & Efficient 

The CookTop Wagener Stove is a compact, robust and very affordable woodfire with a solid history of performance stretching back over 45 Years.

It's deep brick lined firebox can accommodate large logs for excellent heat output and long burn times, while the wood box base offers a practical storage area for firewood. In addition, the Extra thick 8mm stove top provides a large cooking surface and when fitted with a "Lion" Wet Back the CookTop Wagener Stove will also heat your hot water.

Heat Output & Hot Water (Power Saving!)

The CookTop Wagener Stove generates a comfortable 16kw (estimated) heat output. A "Lion" Wet Back 2.5kw made by Wagener can be fitted to heat your hot water. (Wet back can be retro fitted at a later date)

For power saving and self-sufficiency this stove has a reputation that's hard to beat.

Wood Size - Depth maximum 410mm (Advised Max 380mm), Diameter maximum 195mm (Advised Max 180mm)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the unadorned style (ie no panels) and the manufacturing process of the Cooktop Wagener Stove small imperfections in the steel chassis may be present and visible upon close inspection. The warranty & performance of the stove is not compromised by these natural imperfections which are hidden in other models on the market by panels. The Cooktop Wagener is an honest and affordable stove because of its rustic hardworking robust chassis which has proved itself over many decades. 

Proudly New Zealand Made

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