The Pyro Classic is New Zealand’s cleanest, most efficient wood burning fireplace.

With industry leading efficiency, it can achieve a 12 hour burn time.

Pyro Classic’s ceramic chamber, the Heat Sustainer, stores more heat than any other conventional wood fire allowing a gradual and even release of its heat over an extended time.


Reduce your heating costs – compared to a conventional fire’s steel firebox, the Pyroclassic’s ceramic chamber will burn less wood to maintain its temperature.

Genuine overnight burn – keep your home warmer for longer.

A healthier home – the gradual and even release of heat from the Heat Sustainer (even after the actual fire has burned down) can fight one of the leading causes of dampness – cold rooms.


  • Ultra Low Emissions Burner.
  • New Zealand’s first clean air approved wood fire to burn overnight as per manufacturer’s operational instructions.
  • Available with a 3.7kW high output wetback.
  • Suitable for home 100sqm – 200sqm, depending on house type.
  • Genuine Hi Temp Cooktop.
  • Very low 1.1kg per hour fuel consumption rate.


  • Weight: Approximately 140kg
  • Useful Heat Output: 2kW – 8kW
  • Emission Rate: 0.3g/kg (Dry and Wet)
  • Maximum Heat Output: Up to 15kW (with increased fuel consumption).
  • Efficiency Rate: 74% space heating (Dry)
  • Dimensions: 455 (W) x 645 (L) x 625 (H).

Choose from over 100 different colours.


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